Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why be Unlucky?

Luck is a means of understanding some personal event. I found this beautiful horse shoe pendant and it got me thinking about the concept of luck and why it is so important to us. As an artist, I rely greatly on intuition and in my collection of materials and objects, luck has a great deal to do with the materials I find and use. 

Wikipedia tells me that luck is something that is either good or bad, it happens to people and it is unexpected. Talismans like the horse shoe are part of a superstitious belief that somehow we can influence things beyond our control. Its a kind of insurance. I think that the actual belief that something good will happen perhaps has the most influence over what happens and how we conduct ourselves than the actual talisman. But talismans give us a focus for those beliefs which is why things like crosses and horseshoes continue to fascinate us. Everybody likes to think there is a little magic somewhere, even those of us who are very rational about the world. Mystery gives us a depth and an element of richness to how we make meaning of our experiences. You can never have too much luck!
These pieces are available now in my etsy shop. I would love to know your thoughts about the concept of luck.

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