Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Kitsch is considered as something tasteless or a worthless copy of something valuable. It is associated with aesthetically deficiency (whatever that is, these days) and often associated with excessive sentimentality.

Wikipedia tells me that the term originated  in the 1870's in Munich and referred to cheap, popular and marketable pictures.

As we move further ahead in time, there is a greater distance between those cultural objects that had worth and how we perceive them. Their worth is now shifted from parodies and useless copies into icons specific to a lost time and culture.  This is,  I guess a type of sentimentality.

What I love is kitsch objects are made by non celebrity craftsmen and women and operate as reminders of simpler and more innocent living.  Also kitsch objects worked in their day by making fun  about high art and high culture.

I am drawn to kitsch objects from the past because this humour continues to please and this is perhaps even more relevant and needed in our current age of high art, culture and political correctness. Long live kitsch!



  1. i thought kitsch is a modern word. thank you for the insight!


  2. Love the little bit of history. :)

  3. Kitsch is a funny thing; the right kind of kitsch is worth a lot of money. Meanwhile, Elvis plates gather dust mites by the billions.