Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pass the nuts, Delores!

A strange folk art appeared in the 1950's in America. These figurines were either male or female and  made of wood with bottle caps for arms and legs and matching ashtrays or bowls attached atop their head and the other in front; loop earrings, period tacks for nose, eyes and buttons. Produced in quantity and, with a few exceptions, anonymously, the most common figures are about a foot high, their wood-block bodies decorated with a grid of incised lines, and sometimes glitter. 

As kitsch objects, they belong to the folk art universe that nods to both a world of mass production and consumption and the folk-art universe of hand- built, one-of-a-kind works by untrained, usually unknown, creators. They have increasingly become collector items as we hurtle in time further and further away from the simplicity of folk art creativity of the 1950s. Here's your chance to start up a collection or add to it.
My fellow, (who is as old as me!) caught my eye across a crowded room. I love his intensity of purpose. As always things that make me smile are always catching my eye. He waits for you in my shop. Pass the nuts, Delores....


  1. What an amazing conversational piece! If only I had a coffee table . . .

  2. Well I never knew! and I love it, quirky and different.

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    Lovely to catch up and share the creative experience


  3. I love fun and unusual pieces! This would be one of them :)

    Your newest follower,