Thursday, June 9, 2011


 A psychologist called Robert Romanyshyn said once that we can only be truly present when we are not useful. The state of reverie that comes with being creative is an example, I believe of that state. When I look at a vintage piece - it tells me its story and I try to create that story in my final piece. Like all creative processes - and those of you who are creative will recognize this - there is a point at which the work somehow takes over. This is the kind of non useful reverie that I love to be in. 

The latest pieces took ages to come together for this reason. I would look at them each day and fiddle around until something magically happens in my head. The blue pendant - its origins, vintage and materials were intriguing and it took three weeks before I found something that immediately belonged to it - there was no question in my head when the spoon jumped out at me in a flea market.

The single red cufflink - begged to be a ring and my grannie's brooch made sat on my finger like it had always belonged there.

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  1. I love how you make things (spoon, cufflink) into completely different ideas.