Saturday, April 20, 2013

Makers Part 6


How do you adapt your creativity to life in another place? My next maker is an American now living with her Danish husband in Denmark. As a result, Lann Kolpin's  metal work is transforming into an exciting range of other creative possibilities. Her etsy shop Lann gives us a taste of this.

Can you tell me a little about your background? 
Hello, I’m Lann and I live in Aarhus, Denmark with my Danish husband. I grew up in Montana and that is where most of my family lives. I went to The Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee where I obtained a BFA in Metals. I have a background with working in many mediums from painting, drawing, glass, blacksmithing, metalsmithing to ceramic. I have a great difficulty sticking with only one. I also worked as a typesetter for a time and am currently teaching myself various things with digital design. Did I mention I also worked as a cake decorator? 

What do you make?
Most of my work on Etsy is bright simple jewelry using polymer clay. I also paint, draw and work with ceramic.

What attracted you to this particular medium? How did you get started?
When I first moved to Denmark, I could not bring my tools with me as many of them were large. I also had to sell a lot of my belongings to be able to come over here. I was in a new country with no studio or economy to start one so I started working with less expensive mediums. It started with painting and drawing as I had experience with them. As time went on, I worked my way over to using polymer clay. I first bought some FIMO to make small figures from the game “Star Craft” but the jewelry designer in me took over.

How long have you been making?
Since I can remember. I was raised on a cattle ranch in rural Montana with depression era grandparents so self-reliance was an essential part of life. My mother was also an artist and I remember her teaching me how to make things when I was really young.

How does your practice fit in with your everyday life? Do you have your own studio space and when do you work and where?
I create things on a daily basis although not always for my shop. My husband and I live in a two bedroom apartment and I use most of the computer room (besides my husband’s computer table) as my studio. I spend most of my time working at my computer desk as I like to switch back and forth between digital and physical mediums.

What are the best and worst aspects about working with this medium? 
With polymer clay, I really like the color and texture but I wish it was taken more seriously. 

Who or what inspires you?
Nature has always inspired me but right now colour has been a large influence. It’s not something I've focused on so intensely until recently. My past works have been very limited and even void of colour but now it has now exploded in my life. I quite like it.

Do you get creative blocks? If so, how do you deal with it?  
No, I have too many ideas and too little time and resources. 

What other mediums would you love to explore?
I wish I was better with sewing. I know the basics but I would like to be proficient enough to make some of my ideas a reality.

What do you hope to do next with your practice?
Right now I plan on adding some new work with glass and metal. I got a hold of some new materials but I don’t want to introduce them to my shop until I have everything polished out. My long term plan is to go to Design school.

Thank you Lann! Are you a maker or an artist? I would love to feature you! Please contact me through etsy.

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