Saturday, July 9, 2011

Philosophy of the miniature

Eighty years old french dog begs for his missing paw. Only kidding - I love this little fellow, he has such a cheeky expression. I am clearly attracted to metal objects in particular. There is a tactile quality to them, especially when they are small objects. Small figurines have been around since prehistory. What is so special about miniature figurines? Why are they so popular as collectibles? The literary theorist Susan Stewart says that miniatures become a stage onto which we project our stories, dreams, desires and wishes. We are the only species who miniaturize life - it is as if it is an easy way to dominate those things we cannot totally control. Miniatures allow us to recreate not only stories but also nature itself. This little dog frozen in his cute playfulness encapsulates a little emotional package, that we can occupy every time we look or touch him. You can buy this little piece of history and charm at my store.

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