Sunday, July 3, 2011

deco style

This silver bead and pearl deco style applique and trim is an exquisite thing - its like a large ornate piece of jewelery. I had not seen them before I came across this one, but I may be hooked! I am thinking that it would be lovely to make it into a necklace for a dazzling wedding ensemble...
There is something about the cool smooth and angular patterns of deco that give it a certain sophistication.

These beautiful clear buttons also speak of deco

This nut cracker from the seventies also continues the theme of cool elegance.

My final delicious piece of deco inspired stuff are these wonderful lucite star shaped candle holders. From the sixties and it seems to me that a revival of deco can be found in the modernist leanings of the these modern (now retro) times - must be why I like it so much!
My final

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