Thursday, December 6, 2012

Return from renovation

A couple of posts ago I mentioned we were in the throes of upcycling a warehouse into our home. For this reason and due to health issues my blog, etsy and ebay activities have been on hold. I am pleased to say that the job is done and before I return to the business of etsy and ebay, here is a quick post to show you the results.....below is a 'before' shot on day of auction.... hmmm so much potential, so little clue and so little money!

The building process went relatively smoothly - no real disasters - although the wall holding up our neighbours house did give us a fright one very wet rainy weekend. Acrow props just managed to hold it together before it was embedded in concrete.

The result is a wonderful and generous space (ahem..some of my family suggests it is too large) with a couple of courtyards for my gardening hit and plenty of room for my creative projects and art practice. 


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