Sunday, March 4, 2012

Collecting part 5

Food and home cooking can be viewed as significant anchors to our identity and sense of belonging as we grow up. As adults, memories associated with childhood experiences of food give us a direct link to those positive emotional attachments and experiences.  This weeks collector, has a passion for the humble corningware dish - a brilliantly designed and functional kitchen item that has figured in many of our pasts and continues to do so today.

The white glass ceramic from stove to table was invented in 1953 and evolved directly from research into materials for ballistic missiles nose cones. Corningware's oven-to-table service first featured the little blue Cornflower decoration, designed by Joseph Baum in Connecticut and continued to be used as a motif for 30 years.

Can you tell me a little about your background? (where do you live, how old you are, background education/interests, work, family etc)

My name is Jessa and I currently reside in the beautiful foothills of California with my wonderful husband, Chris, our pups; Gage & Armani, and our three kitties; Remington, Colt, and Little Girl. I am a full time blogger Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa and online vintage/upcycle shop owner CAKED Clothing. I am 27 years young, the oldest of five children, and the only girl!

What do you collect?

I have a passion for collecting Cornflower Corningware. My collection is currently over thirty pieces strong and growing all the time!

How did you get started?

As a young girl I remember my mother owning her own pieces of this collection. There was always something about the simple beauty of those dainty blue flowers that intrigued me. Now, as a wife and homemaker, I too collect them. They are still as simply beautiful as ever to me.

What attracted you to collecting them, in other words, why?

They always reminded me of love and weddings. It must have something to do with the "something blue" aspect of them. I always loved them and when I started the vintage business I found that I was stumbling across pieces in my search for vintage clothing. Needless to say, I would buy them up where ever I found them and before you knew it I had a little collection on my hands!

What is the holy grail of your collection? That is, what is it you are keen to get your hands on that you don't have?

There are so many pieces I long for but the pieces I truly long for are the counter savers. I have never encountered one but would love to have them to set my darling pieces on! Someday...

What are the best aspects about being a collector?

It's like a constant treasure hunt. Most of my searches involve locating items others will like but it's so nice to keep an eye out for myself. When I do find a piece I can't help but smile!

Do you collect something? I would love to hear about it and feature you in my blog. Please contact me.


  1. The post came together beautifully and I actually learned quite a bit about the pieces I love so dearly! Thank you Eva!

    xo Jessa

  2. Oh this is swell! I love hearing ppl's stories!

  3. I loved your post and I am a collector of Cameras, vintage Art and Art supplies too. I have to say, my fav collection to look at...but it takes up lots of room, would be my collection of Vintage globes.
    I hopped on over here from the VestiesTeam discussion page. Thanks for sharing.