Sunday, September 4, 2011


Is there a theme this week? As usual I don't know - clocks and wood figure prominently. These are a few of my new listings in my ebay shop were I am focusing on larger items which is not part of any giveaway yet..

Of course, wood and time figured prominently in our travels in the Kimberely last week. Faced with millions of year old landscapes and surrounded by weird looking trees - not suprising really. 

One of my favourite philosophers talks about time being essential to our sense of identity. There is no separation of time from other things, says Kant, time helps us perceive our lives and make sense of them. The felt experience of time is very different to all of us and seems related to how old we are and how we are living our lives. In the context of a busy life or a long life - time seems to go more quickly.

This is perhaps why we cling to the past - we don't on a philosophical level have any choice as it is the only knowable thing. The future is impossible to predict and the moment you think of the present - it becomes a memory and it is gone from now. In fact, if we can't perceive of now, does it even exist? Isn't it always becoming the past?

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