Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to my blog. I have spent the last couple of years writing a PHD and making video art about place. When I discovered souvenir spoons, they seemed the perfect nostalgic object - a marker of place attachment and belonging. Making jewelry out of them seemed a natural development for me -as in this form they become both talismans of place and reminders of special locations. I love the vintage ones in particular, as they suggest a world that no longer exists. I am not one for nostalgia, so, I hope to develop my craft and create more elaborate pieces from vintage finds. As I sell each piece, from my site at
I hope to post pictures my customers and their story.

Lauren is an Australian teacher who lives in Dubai and she chose a bit of Australia that included her favourite activities when at home and because she is a rev head (er, I mean motorbike enthusiast) this had to include Phillip Island- the home of Australian MotoGP.

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